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Educational History:

I attended Andover High School in Andover, Kansas from the years of 2005-2009. During high school my favorite subjects were art and science. I decided during high school that I wanted to be an art teacher. My high school art teacher took the time to ask her students about their lives and gave out sound advice. My first college experience was at Butler Community College where I attended from the years of 2008-2012. At Butler I gained a deeper understanding of art and greatly improved my artistic skills.  I also met my husband to be, who also is an art teacher. Next I attended Wichita State University from the years from 2012-2015. Wichita State is where I learned how to be a teacher.  During my time at Wichita State I was a para in USD 259. I student taught in USD 259 at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Degrees and Certifications:


Butler Community College


Art Associate's Degree A.A.


Wichita State University


Bachelor Fine Arts B.F.A.

Art Education pK-12

Professional Development:

I am a member of the Kansas Art Education Association (KAEA). I attend the KAEA fall conference every year where I exchange new lesson ideas and collaborate with fellow art educators. KAEA provides periodic seminars and a summer camp which I also sometimes attend.

Current Position:

I teach elementary art at all 5 elementary schools here in Augusta (USD 402). I began teaching in USD 402 in August of 2015. I see each class once a week, for 50 minutes, every other quarter. I have about 1150 students. I enjoy watching my students grow from a kindergartener to a 5th grader.

Previous Position:

I was a para at Pleasant Valley Middle School for 2 years. I was placed with the art teacher. I was allowed to co-teach some lessons. This experience taught me responsibility and confidence.

Family Information:

I married to my best friend and fellow art teacher Dustin Harris in June of 2017. Dustin has taught art at El Dorado High since 2016. We have 2 fur-babies. Our oldest dog is named Bart and is a bichon- rat terrier mix. Our younger dog is named Louis and is a poodle- schnauzer mix. We currently have not people children.

Personal Information:

I am a crafts-person. When I am not working I am drawing, painting, or making jewelry. Since 2010 I have worked a second job at Fred Meyer Jewelers. You can find me at Fred Meyer every weekend and summer.

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